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Bathing Aids - Baths

One of the hardest parts of using a bath is reaching your leg in and out as this affects your balance and increases the likelihood of a fall occurring. Our walk in bath units is particularly useful for those who have developed mobility issues due to age or disabilities. Walk in bathtubs are designed to allow a person to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy with ease of use. The design is functional as well as elegant. The part of the walk in tub that separates them from conventional bathtubs is a door located at the side of the tub, which makes it easy for a person to get in and out.

At Bathshack, we strive to stock everything you could possibly need to make your bathroom as comfortable as it can be. We have been dedicated to bringing you the very best bathroom appliances ever since we opened our doors back in 2009. Discover more from our range of baths that are suitable for everyone. Shop online and have your bath sent directly to you. Alternatively, you can find our showrooms located in Ballymena, Cork, and Belfast.