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Body Dryer

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Body Dryers

Body dryers blow warm air onto your skin after you bathe or shower, drying you from head to toe. A body dryer is extremely similar to a hand dryer, the main difference relating to size. A body dryer is much bigger than the hand dryer and can dry the body in a very short amount of time.

Individuals with mobility issues or disabilities will find it difficult to towel dry. Contorting to dry off is not only uncomfortable but it is also a safety hazard. The body dryer is a perfect solution to this problem. It gives independence to those who may otherwise need assistance. Our body dryers have gentle air jets that direct perfectly heated air onto the body, which dries the body easily without the need for rubbing.

A body dryer is also an item that can create a spa-like atmosphere in our bathroom. A body dryer takes the place of your towels in the bathroom meaning that you won't have to worry about doing as much laundry. This also means that you won't have any damp smelling towels lingering in the bathroom that you have worked hard on.