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Electric Showers

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Electric Showers

Tired of waiting for your water to heat up in the morning? Look no further than our electric shower range. Electrical showers guarantee hot water at any time of day, meaning you won’t have to think about the timings of your showers again. Electric showers are on of the best ways to ensure instant hot water showers. Not only is it relatively quick to fit an electric shower but they are also a great option to consider if your gas bills are a concern.

How do electric showers maintain consistency?

An electric shower works independently as a self-contained unit. This unit is able to heat and pump water as it is being used.  Electric showers are an energy efficient option. The system only needs to be hooked up to the cold water supply, which means that it doesn’t draw energy from the boiler.  On the other hand, regular showers despite being highly effective they will draw energy from both hot and cold water supplies. The power of your shower will fall down to the water pressure in your home.

We sell a wide range of high quality yet cheap electric showers. We offer a wide range of different finishes such as coloured electric showers and chrome electric showers. All of our electric showers are easy to use and are accompanied by luxury showerheads.